Electrical Testing & Inspection

Electrical Testing and Maintenance

Electrical testing is there to make sure that the electrical installations in your property meet the latest regulatory standards.  The main purpose of this is to ensure that individuals or companies avoid any financial or legal penalties.


What We Do

Our  fully qualified engineers offer a range of visual, physical and electrical testing.  Our electrical testing is made up of both fixed wire testing and portable appliance testing (PAT).  The main risks that can be avoided by carrying out electrical testing is to protect property and individuals and assets from fire and electric shocks.

Over time, electrical installations often see a decrease in their efficiency which is due to overloading of the technical systems.  Undergoing regular electrical testing and gaining certification means that problems are detected early, we can fix any issues promptly and to regulation with larger potential problems being avoided.


Insurance companies will require you to carry out regular electrical inspections on the insured properties. Failure to do this could potentially invalidate your insurance policy.

  • Identification of defective electrical circuits.
  • Information about any possible electrical shock risk and fire hazards.
  • Highlight any earthing or bonding issues.
  • Detection of electrical circuits in case of overloading.
  • 10 years for an owner occupied home
  • 5 years for a rented home or with a change in occupancy
  • 5 years for a commercial property  or with a change in occupancy
  • Industrial installations every 3 years or a with a change of occupancy

Alect Electrical Services are on hand to provide you with the cost effective service you need to keep your property safe.

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