EPC Surveys

What is an EPC

An energy performance certificate or EPC measures the energy of your property making sure that it meets the minimum standard required.  Energy performance certificates were introduced in England and Wales in 2007 and are a legal requirement for any building to be sold, let or constructed.  EPC’s are valid for 10 years once obtained.

The most efficient homes and the one’s with the lowest running costs are in band A.  The certificate also tells you about the impact that your property has on the environment with better rated homes having less impact with their CO2 emissions.


Most properties in the UK are rated between D-E for both its efficiency and CO2 emissions.  EPC certificates will give you recommendations on ways to improve your properties efficiency to save you money and improve the environment. 
Commercial buildings are also required to have an EPC certificate but they are rated only on their carbon emissions.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Legislation 

In April 2018 Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards introduced made it a legal requirement for all privately owned properties to have an EPC rating of at least an ‘E’ before they are sold or let. The legislation applies to both domestic and commercial properties, although there are some exemptions, for example if a property is a listed building. 

Those who fail to make the necessary changes will be subject to the appropriate fines: up to £5,000 for domestic dwellings and up to £150,000 for non-domestic properties. 

What is involved?

If you require an EPC, Alect Electrical Services have qualified assessors available to provide this service.

Once an appointment has been booked, our assessor will need to access all rooms as well as the loft. We will inspect your heating systems and controls, take measurements and take photographs of all key data included in the survey. The survey is non-invasive and a visual inspection is all that is required.  We will give you an estimated time it will take to complete once we are in your property as this can vary from house to house.

Once our assessor has collected all the data required we will produce your Energy Performance Certificate which is will also be lodged to the central register.

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